Nes ROMs on GBA With the new NES emulator for Gameboy you can turn nes roms into gba roms and play them on Gameboy Advance or SP    
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NES roms Emulator for GBA

To play Nintendo Entertayment System (8bit) games - NES roms - on the new GBA or GBASP you will have to use an emulator that will run from one of the flash advance cards. You will need to pack togater the EMU and the ROM files in a single .GBA file. The best NESemu for gameboy is: PocketNES Download both the Pocket NES and Menu Maker. Unzip them to the same directory + put some nes roms in this directory and now run the pnesmmw.exe. You will see the following screen.

GBA NES ROMS Emulator PocketNES Visual Boy Advance

You can play around with options to see what they do - not going to explain them all, but the main things you should know are.

1. You can exclude some roms from the PocketNESmenu so that the created gba file fits on the flash card that you have. (use EZ-Flash, Flash2Advance, XG2 or any other cart)
2. Check to see if you have to exclude some roms or you still have space for more.
3. Clicking on [Make Rom] button will create a file called PocketNESmenu.gba that you have to write to your Gameboy Flash Card.
(as an alternative you can play it on PC with GB Adv. Emulator Visual Boy Advance)

Now if you don't want to transform NES roms to gba you can use Pogo Shell on your flash cart and that you can write nes roms directly to the flash card without merging them with the PocketNES emu. To do this you will need Pogo Shell with PogoNES plugin.


If you wish to use Pocket NES with Pogoshell just rename pocketnes.gba to nes.bin and palce it in the pogo /root/.plugins/ directory. New version of PogoShell has the Nintendo emulator plugin incuded in the defaul package so you dont have to add it anualy.

VisualBoy Advace GBA ROMS NES

This is how it will look on your Gamboy Advance / GBA SP after you have flashed the pogo rom to the flash cartridge. Do to internal adressing of Nintendo cartridges not being interpreted correctly by VisualBoy you can use all the functions of Pogo Shell rom on PC. You have to try it on the real hardware.


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