Nes ROMs on GBA With the new NES emulator for Gameboy you can turn nes roms into gba roms and play them on Gameboy Advance or SP    
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NES Emulator for GBA - PocketNES

It's a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator for the GameBoy Advance.
But you already knew that, didn't you?

PocketNESPocketNES Emulator Getting Started
Before you can use PocketNES, you need to add some NES roms to the emulator.

- Unzip program and all included files to a any directory
- Put a some NES roms or ziped Nintendo games in that /nes_roms/ directory
nes emulator download gba roms- Open pnesmmw.exe by double clicking on it the icon  --- >>>
- Press [Make Rom] button to create menu rom containing EMU+ROMS
- Write PocketNESMenu.gba to a gba flash card or play in ViualBoy


Link transfer: You can Sends PocketNES to another GBA. The other GBA or GBASP must be in multiboot receive mode (no cartridge inserted, powered on and waiting with the "GAME BOY" logo displayed). Only one game can be sent at a time, and only if it's small enough to send (approx. 190kB or less). A game can only be sent to 1 (one) Gameboy at a time, disconnect all other Gameboys during transfer.

Multi player link play: Go to the PocketNES menu and change Controller: to read "Link2P" /"Link3P" /"Link4P", depending on how many Gameboys you will use. Once this is done on all GBAs, leave the menu on all slaves first, then the master, the game will restart and you can begin playing. If the link is lost (cable is pulled out, or a GBA is restarted), link must be re-initiated, this is done by a restart on the master and then selecting the appropriate link and leave the menu. The slaves doesn't have to do anything.

NES emulator Controls on GBA

  • Menu navigation: Press L+R to open the menu, A to choose, B to cancel.
  • Quick load: R+START loads the last savestate of the current rom.
  • Quick save: R+SELECT saves to the last savestate of the current rom (or makes a new one if none exist).
  • Unscaled modes: L and R buttons scroll the screen up and down.
  • Scaled modes: Press L+SELECT to adjust the background.
  • Speed modes: L+START switches between throttled/unthrottled/slomo mode.
  • Sleep: START+SELECT wakes up from sleep mode (activated from menu or 5
    minutes of inactivity)



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